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This shadow box is made of Douglas Fir reclaimed from the decks of the USS IOWA. The shadow box encases the evolution of nelson nuts and deck plugs that were used on the decks from all three wars the IOWA served in (WWII, Korean, and Cold War). Also encased are two small scrap pieces of Douglas Fir and Burmese Teak.

Iowa’s deck wood is unique in color and character as it has been weathered outdoors with decades in wet and dry conditions. The dark areas of the wood are where the deck has oxidized in contact with steel and water ebonizing the wood creating an unusual coloration unique to a battleship.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. Please enter a name for each certificate recipient. If ordering more than one and only provide one name, that name will be placed on all certificates within the order.

Dimensions: 15” width x 12” height x 3.5” depth.